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Dhaka Technical Teachers Training Institute

BKTTC Campus, Mirpur Road, Darus salam, Dhaka -1216, Bangladesh, Tel: +88-02-58051151


What is TVET?
Answer: TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.TVET is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge and skills for the world of work.
What does DTTTI stands for?
Answer: DTTTI stands for Dhaka technical Teachers Training Institute.
What are the objectives of DTTTI?
1. To improve the quality of TVET Teachers.
2. To deliver quality, flexible and relevant skills training for teachers’ in keeping with changing technology.
3. To deliver advanced training for technical teachers.
4. To undertake action research for improvement of teaching-learning skills for TVET teachers.
5. To deliver pedagogical skills to all categories of technical teachers.
What is the culture of DTTTI??
1. Borderless organization
2. Creative & Proactive mindset
3. Innovation everywhere
4. Pioneering spirit
5. Lifelong learning
6. Passion for excellence
Who is eligible for training at DTTTI?
Answer: TVET institutions teachers from any ministry of Bangladesh can take training at DTTTI. TVET teachers from outside of Bangladesh have the scope to take part in TEVT training.

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